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Norland Dark Red- Medium, oblong tubers with smooth red skin and white flesh. Good for boiling, frying and salads. Often harvested as "new" potatoes. 


Umatilla Russet- Great yielding, long season variety. Uniform shape with long storage potential. 


Organic Yukon Gold- Excellent, yellow skinned, yellow fleshed potato. Extremely popular all-purpose potato with early maturity. 


Huckleberry Gold- Beautifully nutritious variety that produces oval tubers with purple skin and yellow flesh. More resistant to cracks, secondary growth and hollow heart than Yukon Gold. High antioxidant concentration and good resistance to scab.


All Blue - Specialty heirloom variety with deep blue, almost purple skin and brilliant purple flesh. Excellent steamed, mashed, roasted and chipped. Late maturity.


Purple Majesty- Produces smooth tubers with deep purple skin and flesh. More disease resistant and better yielding than All Blue. 


French Fingerling- A popular gourmet variety which produces large, fingerling tuber with smooth, dark rose-red skin and waxy, yellow flesh lightly splashed with pink. Dry texture with exceptional quality and flavor. Excellent multi-purpose potato.


Amarosa- Red-skin, red-flesh variety that retain their color when cooked. Smaller tubers that are delicious roasted or fried. 


Russian Banana- One of the best known fingerlings with tan skin and dark yellow flesh. Matures early with 2"-3" tubers. Tender potatoes are delicious steamed and tossed with butter and fresh parsley. 


Seed Potatoes

1 Pound
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